The Québec Mining Association makes information and documents available to any person, institution, organization or company that wishes to learn more about the mining industry in general.

The QMA also publishes a range of documents destined for its members and for the general pubic.

Metals don't just fall from the sky

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Without iron, this is how you'd commute to the South Shore, cliquez ici.

Metals don't just fall from the sky. And that's a good thing, cliquez ici.

Your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather would have loved metal, cliquez ici.

At bottom, we're indispensable, cliquez ici.

Study on Economic benefits generated by Québec's mining industry

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Economic benefits generated by Québec’s mining industry in 2020 étude écono Front 

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Circular economy report

Sheets on inspiring circular economy initiatives : 

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Activity reports

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Healt and safety statistic data (2021)

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Practical guide for ground support

(2nd edition, 2009) by John Hadjigeorgiou and François Charette. This practical handbook for ground support in mines provides workers with the practical tools they need to design ground support systems in underground mines. The handbook also constitutes an excellent reference book for courses on rock mechanics and ground control given in Québec universities.

The handbook is available from the Québec Mining Association. At $78.57 for students, $85 for QMA members and $120 for non-members (plus taxes and shipping).

To obtain a copy of the handbook, please contact us by email at If you are a Laval University student, please visit Laval University Coop Zone, by clicking here, to order your handbook.

Position papers

Bill 59,  An Act to modernize the occupational health and safety regime - Brief submitted to the Committee on Labour and the Economy, January 2021. To view the brief, click here.

Comments on and responses to the discussion paper “Canada’s critical minerals strategy” - Brief submitted to the Critical Minerals Centre for Excellence at Natural Resources Canada, September 2022. To view the brief, click here.

Public consultation - Renewal of ministerial authorization for Glencore’s Horne Smelter - Comments submitted to the Ministère de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC). To read the letter, click here.


Le stage en milieu de travail - Par Katie Deneault, mars 2016

Les déviants positifs - Par Tanguy Paquot, juin 2016

VDMD : L'énergie et les gaz à effets de serre - Par Nathalie Tremblay, novembre 2016

VDMD : Mines et la conservation de la biodiversité - Par Nathalie Tremblay, janvier 2017

VDMD : Mines et planification de la gestion de crises et des communications - Par Nathalie Tremblay, mars 2017.

VDMD : Protocole portant sur la gestion des résidus - Par Nathalie Tremblay, novembre 2017

Le coaching : Une ressource renouvelable et durable - Par Katie Deneault et Carole Doucet, juin 2017. 

La main-d'oeuvre à l'ère de l'automatisation - Par Josée Méthot, juin 2018

Une carrière dans le secteur minier en six mois seulement, c'est possible! - Par Katie Deneault et Sonia Caron, août 2018