To learn more about the economic benefits generated by the Québec's mining industry, consult the Economic Study completed by the Québec Mining Association.

  • 48 000


    48 000 direct, indirect and induced jobs

  • expense of

    $10 billion

    Annual mining expenditures of $10 billion in 2018 distributed in all Québec's region

  • 3,800


    Extensive network of 3,800 suppliers throughout Québec

  • $1.8 billion

    in payroll

    $ 1.8 billion in payroll in the mineral extraction and exploration sectors

  • $1.3 billion

    paid to various levels of government

    $1.3 billion paid each year to various levels of government

  • Contribution of

    $9 billion

    to Québec's GDP

    The mining sector contributes over $9 billion to Québec's GDP