Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development Charter

In June 2014, the Québec Mining Association adopted the Sustainable Development Charter of Mining Companies Working in Québec, a Charter developped by its members, for its members. Eager to adopt and set up the best practices considering social, environmental and economic issues as well as governing, the QMA members identified six commitments they have to get involved with. To consult the PDF version of the Charter, click here.

Towards Sustainable Mining Initiative

Since June 2014, the QMA and its members have been part of the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative, a program designed to gradually improve mining companies' environmental and social practices. The initiative will stimulate performance while ensuring that the main risks of mining activities are managed responsibly at mine facilities. All QMA members are required to implement TSM at their facilities.

Under the TSM initiative, mining companies must assess their performance based on twenty-three indicators in six categories, called performance areas: tailings management, Aboriginal and community outreach, biodiversity conservation management, energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions management, safety and health, and crisis management planning. Every three years, the results are submitted to a qualified independent verifier. The results for each mine are published annually in the TSM reports, which are always publicly accessible. This process gives local communities an effective way to see how mines in their area are operated.

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