Working Committees

The Québec Mining Association has established six working committees to discuss best practices in the mining sector and ways to maintain leadership of the mining companies active in Québec on issues that affect the industry as a whole :

  • Public affairs
  • Environment
  • Taxation
  • Community relations
  • Human resources
  • Health and accident prevention

Working committee representatives are from member companies of the Association. They help identify possible solutions to various problems to ensure that Québec’s mineral resources are developed in a sustainable, responsible, safe and innovative way.

Public Affairs Committee

The challenges related to Québec’s mining industry require ongoing actions in communications and public affairs. The Québec Mining Association’s Public Affairs Committee looks at situations experienced by mining companies in their local environments and in Québec as a whole, and identifies ways to increase effectiveness of communications and media relations with elected officials and stakeholders in order to highlight the positive benefits of mining activities and the commitments made by mining companies to sustainable development.

Environment Committee

Mining companies are constantly seeking ways to limit the impact of their activities on the environment and to identify new exploration and extraction techniques. At meetings of the Québec Mining Association’s Environment Committee, the members discuss their own approaches and monitor trends in environmental regulations to ensure that Québec’s mining industry has a detailed awareness of the current situation. The committee’s work is made even more important by the fact that this complex legislation changes constantly. Since protection for the environment is a major focus for the QMA, one of the committee’s priorities is to help mining companies understand the applicable laws and regulations and ensure that they maintain a high level of compliance.

Taxation Committee

Québec’s mining industry financial obligations to various levels of government in royalties, taxes, corporation tax, are considerable. As a result, it is important to constantly monitor tax measures announced in both governments’ budgets, since they may have a major impact on mining projects. The role of Québec Mining Association’s Taxation Committee is to scrutinize the budgets, analyze each measure and its implications, and review the administrative problems and questions of interpretation raised by the application of tax legislation.

Community Relations Committee

In order to conduct their activities in a manner consistent with sustainable development, mining companies must take into account the concerns of host communities and their populations. These concerns evolve constantly, and the Québec Mining Association’s Community Relations Committee constitutes a forum where its members can discuss the realities faced by individual companies, identify best practices and if necessary, adapt measures to their situation. The sharing of experiences is the best way to ensure successful relations with host communities, whether Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal.

Human Resources Committee

In addition to organizing training activities, the Québec Mining Association’s Human Resources Committee studies the situations facing member companies in the area of labour relations, recent initiatives in personnel management, policy trends and the impacts of labour legislation on workers. The evolution of the workforce and the shortage of workers are also discussed.

Health And Accident Prevention Committee

Québec’s mining industry is recognized for its leadership in the field of occupational health and safety. The Québec Mining Association’s Health and Accident Prevention Committee coordinates discussions between members to ensure ongoing improvements in the health and safety record of the mining industry and in accident prevention. More specifically, members discuss their needs, aims and experience in connection with accident prevention and workers health safety and physical integrity.